You’ve had a lot on your plate lately! First of all, I’m very relieved to hear she’s not on drugs. How and why she took departure from her good senses is apparently still up in the air, but at least it wasn’t chemically induced. Second, I can sure understand you wanting her to move in with you, and frankly I think the fact that Father is still walking around without broken limbs is a testament to your patience and restraint. I think my folks would have killed him dead, had they found me in that situation. I don’t have much in the way of advice for you other than to say that you’re acting out of love for her and concern for her child, and that’s probably the best motivation you can have right now. I’ll keep you and your little growing family in my prayers…

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  1. Regarding the work aspect – I worked as a temp when I was a pregnant and alone. See if there are any temp agencies that she can apply at. They will test her skills and match her to jobs whose qualifications that she meets. I worked non-stop while being pregnant and worked up to the week before my pregnancy. During that time I had two “long-term” assignments.

    I think it is wonderful what you are doing for your daughter.

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