we ALL had some growing up to do!

Son is completely independent living across town. I pay for his health ins and his gym membership. Daughter lives at home, but now pays for her own car insurance and her part of our cell phone bill. so I provide food, shelter and medical, and other incidentals. She works full time and goes to school. I cut off the satelite and we both just watch netflix or whatever we want on the internet. Most shows I like can be seen on the networks website. I have my big flat screen tv attached to my desk top computer so its really all I need.
I have tried to put them both on a budget and start a savings acct. They aren’t ready for that yet. BUT neither have credit cards and daughter has taken out no student loans, is going to tech college and is getting by on the grants alone. so that’s a lot better than drowning in debt @ 21 years of age.
Attitude of gratitude!