I posted yesterday that both my DH

and I are essentially out of work at the moment… today I interviewed with a company that basically offered me what I am currently making ($2k plus what I currently make) while at the same time I am completing a job application with another big defense contractor where I will get a $15K raise.
I totally get your relief as I realized today I have been metaphorically holding my breath for four months as I worked my way through this process: losing one job, trying to find another, etc.
Most of my coworkers who have also been offered jobs are looking at $8-28K pay cuts. The other company that supports our current client took it in the shorts — they are experiencing offers at %40 their current salaries… so congrats to your DH for securing a job and you will find a way to budget the gas and make it work.
Keep us posted on your progess. It’s always nice to see folks check back in after they’ve checked out for a bit (and yes, I include myself in that lot). 🙂