I come back to the plan, I leave the plan…

its been happening since 2008 when we took FPU.
Recently, I gave up again because my husband has been having multiple surgeries to try and fix an issue that doesn’t want to be fixed. We have a $5,000/person out-of-pocket max per year (which has been piling up) and I’ve had a couple medical tests done with another that needs to be done but we just can’t afford it. The medical bills are over $13,000 and rising and that is *with* insurance.
My husband is an hourly paid electrician and his job has been tanking, but since he needed so much time off for the surgeries (and the insurance!!) he stayed way longer than he should have. We finally started eating into our $1,000.00 BEF for monthly bills. I lost my job when I had to take a week off every 4 weeks to take care of him after surgeries. This week, we had to pay his job because he had zero hours, and we still have to pay child support (its deducted from his check) and insurance costs. It just kept getting worse and worse.
My husband had surgery #10 (in the past 2.5 years) 3 weeks ago and “so far so good!” We ended up meeting the doctor who trained the doctor we *were* using, and this doctor happens to be a specialist in this area! We had one follow up appointment so far and he said everything is progressing like it should. This is the best f/u appointment we have ever had, so we are cautiously optimistic.
My husband also starts a NEW JOB on the 4th of February!!! It is $5.00/hour LESS THAN he is making now and he (obviously) will lose the current company truck, meaning we will have to buy gas again, but it is a guaranteed 40 hour per week job with paid vacation and 11 paid holidays! The gas scares me because we don’t have a budget for gas for the 100 mile/day trip, but its a step in the right direction.
If everything keeps going well, I can go back to working and we may be able to *finally* get a grasp on BS#2!
This is the most happy I’ve been in 2 years and I just wanted to share my good news since I have been sharing all my bad over the past couple of years. Thanks for listening!