Good morning!

Its been one year since i joined this group, and i want all the lurkers and the hesitant folks on here to hear what one year on Dave Ramsey can do if you apply it to the best of you ability.
I say “best of my ability” because it hasn’t been a perfect adherence at all times. Like a drug, use of credit was a way of life. And like a drug, it had turned on me.
At this time last year i would be driving down the road, and be so stressed, and so depressed, and had such a feeling of hopelessness, that I would look at power polls as a possible solution. Meaning, if i “accidentally” hit one dodging a deer, my kids would get my life insurance and be ok. REALLY, it was that bad. I had less than 20 every two weeks for gas and food left over after paying the bills. I would have such anxiety attacks when paying the bills that i felt like i was having a heart attack. I went to my Dr. and she upped my dose of antidepressants. I have been on them for longer than i can remember, atleast 20 years. I was a single parent, getting no child support, and i made 6.75 an hour when my kids were little and this started. I did what i had to do to survive. My kids didn’t go without, but it came with a very heavy stress load on me. 2 sometimes 3 jobs, going to school and working full time.
I hit bottom last year, and realized if i didnt’ change my life, i wouldn’t be in it very long. But i had no idea what to do! No family to help, no one i knew to ask for advice, because they were all up to their eyeballs in debt too, but they had husbands or wives to help. I was alone, and scared.
I work in a hospital and they offered Dave Ramsey two years ago as a benefit. I had no idea what it was, but it HAD to be better than what i was doing! I asked HR if they were gonna do it again, and they said yes, in the spring. I didn’t HAVE that much time left, i needed help NOW! So I looked up in yahoo groups and wala there you guys were! I joined and read every post. I did a very honest budget, (including the medical bills that i usually never even bothered to OPEN let alone PAY!) I got on my knees and asked for help and guidance, and i applied the Baby Steps to the best of my ability. it wasn’t a perfect DR path, but it was definantly in the right direction. And now, a year later…
I havent had to be on anti-depressants in over 7 months, when i get paid i still have money in the bank. I have a plan, and its getting better, not worse. I am about to pay cash for a car, and am working on baby step 3! I have peace and serenity in my life, I am not having panic attacks on payday because i am already broke before i leave work. I am able to look at prospective life partners as equals not rescuers. I never even realized i was doing that before .
I dont talk alot on here, i have a feeling that there are alot of lurkers out there, and any that are on the fence, i just wanted to share the ‘miracle’ that DR is. It literally saved my life. I am truly and utterly grateful for each and every one of you.