I have looked at Etsy for inspiration, Pinterest too

However, I am already paying for a website. (Etsy has fees too.) Just trying to get merchandise loaded to my site with pics and info is going to take plenty of time. I am not saying I won’t use those sites but I can only do so much in a day. My goal this week is to get as much as possible uploaded to my site. I have a few things on Pinterest but only a handful of things. It is just posted though, not with the $.

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I have restarted working on my website

It has been up and running but I need to add more products to it. I added three products last evening—all trivets. I will add some more today.

I have pics of my products saved on my computer and I accidentally got fumble fingers the other day and many of my items got renamed to the same stock number. Arrrggghhh. I had to go back and change each one individually to the correct number yesterday.

I also ordered more business cards today. I am expecting a proof by email in the next 24 hours.

I need to work on getting some of my pictures of my products mounted on index cards with descriptions.

Do any of you know places online a crafter/home business person can go to promote home businesses like mine where I have a website that takes orders? I already have a facebook page.

So here are my goals for this week:
1) Get all products listed on website
2) Get pictures mounted and descriptions written
3) Promote business online and face to face

I’m sorry of the worry that you are going through

It’s so hard to see our kids take the long, bumpy road towards adulthood. I’m so thankful that your dd isn’t on any substances – that’s great. Glad she’s with you right now. I’m hoping and praying that once this precious baby comes, that she will open her eyes and realize that she needs to make sure that her baby has all that she needs etc. It does sound like she may be getting on the right track.