Would love to visit someday!

I don’t know if you remember—but we used to live on 10 acres—so seeing all your acreage and meeting you in person would be a lovely experience—-no matter where I slept…
Although, right now–it is slaying Sallie Mae time and unfortunately making her go away is taking me much longer than it took to go to college…ugh.
Sallie Mae is the only thing keeping me from yelling that debt free scream.
And ever since we moved out of our mortgaged 10 acres into our paid for cash fixer upper—I have been seriously wanting to be done with debt totally!
Plus—I am in line to be done somewhere around the time you and Eldred get done……
Here’s waiting for our someday soon (Cinderella reference…lol…..I like Disney as much as you.)

I hope and trust your family had a decently quiet evening

With no further forms of medical excitement? He didn’t have any more episodes and you didn’t thrash him too badly? That was sure scary yesterday. Tell him not to pull any more stunts like that. If he wants to create excitement, tell him to go find a bunch of buried money in the yard. Then we can have all sorts of fun talking about how best to use it. But no more of this medical stuff. We’re just going to have to put our collective foot down on this one.

I’m definitely not a F.Scot

But I did want to say I was sorry to read about McNugget yesterday. That’s always such a bummer. Can’t claim we’ve had bobcats here, but we’ve had other predators and/or disappearances like that. Never a good day.

Had to chuckle though at your feeling old at the 45th reunion. I’m “celebrating” my 30th this year, and so far I’ve not heard a peep about any formal events. Which is partly ok and partly disappointing. Don’t really have time or enthusiasm for it right now anyway. But yea, been feeling more mortal than usual the last few days and getting an email like that probably would not have helped. Here’s to being around a good while longer, regardless of whatever year we all graduated.

I’m sorry of the worry that you are going through

It’s so hard to see our kids take the long, bumpy road towards adulthood. I’m so thankful that your dd isn’t on any substances – that’s great. Glad she’s with you right now. I’m hoping and praying that once this precious baby comes, that she will open her eyes and realize that she needs to make sure that her baby has all that she needs etc. It does sound like she may be getting on the right track.