You’ve had a lot on your plate lately! First of all, I’m very relieved to hear she’s not on drugs. How and why she took departure from her good senses is apparently still up in the air, but at least it wasn’t chemically induced. Second, I can sure understand you wanting her to move in with you, and frankly I think the fact that Father is still walking around without broken limbs is a testament to your patience and restraint. I think my folks would have killed him dead, had they found me in that situation. I don’t have much in the way of advice for you other than to say that you’re acting out of love for her and concern for her child, and that’s probably the best motivation you can have right now. I’ll keep you and your little growing family in my prayers…

Glad that everything is ok with the baby and your daughter is home with you

I do think that is the best place right now. I’m glad that you set up some ground rules about the boyfriend, she may not agree, but I think they do need to see if it a healthy relationship.

Is the car in her name only? If it isn’t and you or your ex are on it, I would insist that he not drive it. Not sure of his driving record–that can be easily obtained through public record. If his record isn’t good, the insurance co could refuse to pay if he gets into an accident.

Could she do parenting classes, CPR, college online or even volunteer work? Then she wouldn’t be sitting around doing nothing and she would be learning or helping out.

Interesting about his family. Perhaps they think you will withhold all visitation with the family if they don’t show support–I’ve seen this happen many times.