While my old laptop is limping slowly toward it’s death

dropping h’s and o’s as it goes I had not expected a sudden slow down to a complete halt on Friday, but it happened. It would not even shut down so I could re-boot. After 45 minutes I shut it off manually and told dh “fix it.”
He worked on it defragging, compressing and such the best he could, but it was moving so slow nothing was getting done easily. He scanned for viruses, looked for Trojans all to no avail. Then he noticed a program that was using 57% of my cpu. Apple mobile media player. A program not for my computer, but for doing downloads to my ipod. An ipod I had not used in over a year. He turned off the program and everything sped up almost to new computer speed. So he re-booted the computer to finish the clean-up. The program re-started itself.
So he turned it off again, and went to the website. What he found was a string of complaints about this zombie program. It seems it “updates” automatically and starts up on its own as well. There had just been an automatic upgrade—even though I had manually told it to NOT upgrade and it was taking control of all media on my computer, as well as the computers all across the world.
Right now the program is still on my computer because I still have a $13 credit with itunes from a free gift card I received. The guys are going to use it up this week. In the meantime I have to manually turn off the program every time I boot up the computer.
So if your computer is running slowly go to your task manager and click the services tab. Look down your list for apple mobile media. If it says automatic and running click the services button on the bottom right of the screen then click the running on the screen that pops up and change it to stop. Your computer should speed up tremendously.

I’m definitely not a F.Scot

But I did want to say I was sorry to read about McNugget yesterday. That’s always such a bummer. Can’t claim we’ve had bobcats here, but we’ve had other predators and/or disappearances like that. Never a good day.

Had to chuckle though at your feeling old at the 45th reunion. I’m “celebrating” my 30th this year, and so far I’ve not heard a peep about any formal events. Which is partly ok and partly disappointing. Don’t really have time or enthusiasm for it right now anyway. But yea, been feeling more mortal than usual the last few days and getting an email like that probably would not have helped. Here’s to being around a good while longer, regardless of whatever year we all graduated.

To his credit..

He has been very respectful to me and for that I am appreciative. He does seem nice, but I think that comes from a general respect of his elders. I don’t know how to instill work ethic in either of them, but I do feel as a job for both of them would be the turning point in terms of taking care of those things which need to be taken care of. I am timeline driven so we’ve discussed how they can get back on their feet, January 1. I’m also pushing for her to re-enroll in school for at least the fall semester, she can very well get one more semester in prior to the birth. He has not even a high school diploma so I’m working with him to attain his GED.

I’m working with both of them -she tells him everything I say in terms of stressing that this is where the rubber meets the road, the time for them to step up because a little one is depending on them to be her everything. Mighty big shoes to fill, but fill them they must. I’m also nowhere clouded and I have the firm belief that a lot of relationships just don’t last anymore. I implored my daughter to think about those couples she might know who have been married for long periods of time. Then think of those who she now knows to be single parents and the tremendous responsibility that single parent must bear. Just being realistic that a relationship started at 19/21 stands a very small shot of lasting 18 years. I also told her to look at the relationship her father and I have concerning her. We’ve given to her the best we could in terms of roots and presenting a united front in spite of our divorce and I would hope that she maintains a wonderful relationship with the boy for the sake of her baby.