#NoPlaceLeft North America

North America Regions

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We have been working on a regional map of North America.

This map represents natural trade route based regions of North America. Our goal is to schedule consistent training events in each region and raise up a healthy, multiplying network of T4T trainers in each region.

The “hot” colors represent the regions where we currently host the most trainings and have the most qualified trainers. The “cold’ colors represent the regions where we need to schedule more trainings and certify more trainers.

Please pray for these efforts as we continue to pursue #NoPlaceLeft North America!

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People Groups & Worldview Resources

No Place Left

Greetings, mighty gospel warriors around the world!

Let’s make disciples until there is #NoPlaceLeft !

We have just created a new blog category called “Affinities.”

In this blog category are two sections:

  1. Worldviews
  2. People Groups

Each of the Worldview  .PDFs are simple, reproducible resources for helping your harvest field team cultivate a basic understanding of most of the major world religions and thought paradigms.

Each of the People Group .PDFs are simple, reproducible resources for helping your harvest field team learn more about the ethnic and tribal diversity of people groups that are now living in the USA. They will help you and your team develop a contextual strategy to plant indigenous-led churches among them.

Let us know what you think of these resources. We want to thank NAMB for all the work they poured into developing these resources and for allowing them to be shared with our global T4T practitioner network.

As you’re looking through these resources and you see that there is a worldview missing or a people group missing, please send us any resources you have, and if they are simple and reproducible, we will park them here on this website: t4tministry@gmail.com

Lessons from an Austin Harvest Field

Austin TX

Click to download .PDF Austin Lessons by Campbell

Lessons Learned:

  • We hold people back if we don’t train them immediately until they are competent and confident.
  • The harvest field contains laborers waiting for someone to share the Gospel with them and disciple them.

New believers: know many people who are “far from God,” and are willing to tell their story and Jesus’ story if someone will teach them how.

Tools exist for:

  • a reproducing gospel presentation,
  • reproducing discipleship, and
  • leader multiplication.

A U.S. “community of practice” exists to train you and others!

Practices we’ve developed along the way:

Pray every day:

  • GOD give us wisdom not to make good choices, but to choose what is best!
  • GOD increase our passion for people who are far from You!
  • Luke 10:2 and much of God’s Word!

Look in the Gospels & Acts and ask:

  • What did Jesus actually do?
  • What did Jesus tell His disciples to do?
  • What did his disciples do before and after Jesus went back to heaven?
  • What did Jesus tell me to do?

Obey the Great Commission:

  • Go! (Do not invite to Church first—invite to Jesus in a reproducible gospel presentation.)
  • Disciple all nations (Go to everyone!)
  • Make disciples (Read 2 Cor. 5:17-21 to new believers—GOD has empowered them to be His ambassador. See “The Call.”

Keep time management simple:

  • Meet with church staff/pastors at lunch and early afternoon (seldom eat lunch alone).
  • Focus week nights and summer afternoons Gospeling and training in the harvest field.
  • Hold Great Commission Trainings frequently on Friday nights & Saturdays (9–10hrs).
  • Offer periodic mid-level training and Iron-on-Iron to get practitioners “unstuck.”

Go into the harvest field:

  • Take believer(s) or a pastor with you.
  • Send believers with other practitioners.
  • Utilize a Saturday morning door to door strategy with a simple gift and prayer.
  • (See the Burrito Entry Strategy at T4Tusa.com.)
  • Look for the oikos/house of peace.
  • (Willingness to receive prayer identifies a potential house of peace. Openness to a Gospel presentation identifies the House of Peace.)
  • Offer a simple gift of value to the person far from GOD. (Illustrates God’s free gift.)
  • Ask, “If GOD could do a miracle for you right now, what would it be and could we pray that for you right now?”
  • Look for spiritual hunger, and where GOD is already working.
  • Ask their first name, pray for the person and leave. (When out of sight take careful notes.)
  • If prayer is welcomed, return at least 2 weeks later to:
  • tell a story (Luke 7:36-50 in our own words) and ask, “Where are you in this story, and why?,”
  • share your story with the Gospel inside it, and
  • invite them to accept Christ as their “boss.”
  • (Most understanding this better than “Lord.”)
  • If they say, “I’m not ready,” say, “Can we tell you another story next week?” The house of peace says, “Yes!” Schedule a time and urge them to invite others.
  • If they say, “Yes,” ask them to confess privately to God—and turn from—anything they think displeases Him. Then

Teach them to obey in:

  • Witness (Train them within 2 days to tell in 3 minutes their story with the Gospel.)
  • Have them:
  • list everyone they know who is “far from God” (as many as God brings to their mind),
  • pick a few they think God wants them to share with first in their own household or family.
  • Baptism (Baptize them asap.)

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