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Our second Monday movies post

Welcome to our second Monday movies post. Chuck Wood II has some good experience in starting and building T4T movements. Listen as he describes the overall timeline involved in the discipling process.

Why T4T and What is it?

Many of us have spent a number years seeking for a way to follow Christ’s commands in a Biblical way. I know that for me it was only when I sought God’s answer to my question rather than what tradition was teaching me to do that I found an answer that met these criteria. Listen as Jonathan Ammon talks about how he found the T4T process and how it applies to the work of the Great Commission.

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George Patterson talks to Leaders

Thank you Chuck Wood for sharing this on your website. A good word from one of the foundational thinkers in our movement!

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Training Events Update

I have updated the Training Events page to add a New Orleans Expedition and training for November 8-11.

Website News

Starting this week, I am adding Monday Movies to the weekly interaction on the site. What are Monday Movies? They will be video trainings that may or may not be already on the site, but specifically training for T4T practitioners, some of them review of the basics, some new ideas to help you improve your serve with others, and advanced ideas of how to perceive the different ways to make the 3-3rds process leverage the Gospel. Join us! Check in on Mondays to see what we can learn and share.

Changes to the T4TUSA site coming!

Well, the day is finally here. Wholesale changes to the site will start on Monday. First, I will be removing a lot of material that is a duplication of other training on the site.  I will also be removing a lot of material that is not specifically related to training or events. So, if you have favorite materials in some of the extended areas of the site, like affinities, worldviews, and people groups, please go ahead and grab them while you can. If you find out later that you needed something and it is gone, please contact me.  I am going to remove them from the site and move them into a storage and staging area.  So, they will not be completely deleted, but will not be available on the site anymore.

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Level One Training in Jacksonville, FL

Level 1 Field Training at Holy Trinity Anglican Church – Jacksonville Fl

Four sessions of theory and practice to reach the lost and make disciples. Using T4T adaptations. This training is for anyone who wants to learn a simple yet effective way to make disciples who make disciples. Participants will be equipped to share the gospel, lead evangelistic Bible study and disciple a new believer with confidence and competence. This training is for people of all ages and “levels” of experience (Additionally, we will cover what church looks like in the home. Four Wednesdays in August.

Dates: Wednesdays (4) starting tonight, August 6 – August 27, 2014

Times: 6:15 covered dish supper

7pm – 8pm training session

Contact: Clay Hamrick – 904-536-8197